Respond to your every demand by our integrated production system

We Hotta Optical co., Ltd. has provided optical lens to optronics industry since 1952 foundation.  Thanks to all of you, we can reach 60th anniversary in 2012. Taking this opportunity, we HOTTA Optical, as newborn HOTTA Optical, began several new trials with setting slogan which challenge of more shortening delivery time and challenge of more high quality.
We have inaugurated Tochigi branch factory on Jan. 2014, we've worked on formation of a structure and technique upgrading for the sake of providing high quality product.
Then, on Dec. 2018, so we moved and expanded Tochigi branch factory with equipping evaporation apparatus, that we have finally realized integrated production system which enables us to process every processing in-house.   We continues to work on realization of small lot / mass production/lower cost / high accuracy / high quality for the sake of flexible responses to customers' every requirements.
proceed to the next step by evolving, deepened and pursuing, we HOTTA Optical keeps still running. Please look forward to future HOTTA Optical.

Yukinobu Hotta, President and CEO

Company policy

Respond to your every demand by our integrated production system

Quality offer stable quality
Cost offer lower cost
Delivery time comply with delivery time and
offer product from 1 piece upward.
Service offer detailed service
Ecology offer environment-friendly material