Environmental policies
Environmental philosophy

For the sake of environment preservation through main business item which is optical glass product production, all HOTTA Optical staff fulfill role and responsibility.

Environmental policies

HOTTA Optical Co., Ltd. based on harmony with earth environment, structures environment-friendly society. We specify environmental policy based on environmental philosophy hereunder.

1. Deliver clean product which complies with environment to the customer.
2. Through optical lens manufacturing, make efforts to prevent environmental pollution and make efforts to protect environment.
3. Strive to reduce harmful effects on the environment , make efforts to keep consciously improvement.
4. In order to contribute to build resource circulating communities, uphold applicable laws and organization agreed requirements.
5. Set environmental goal, revue, continuously improve environmental performance.
6. Document environmental management, fulfill, periodically rethink, maintain.
7. Make environmental management known to the employee and all person who works for organization.
8. Strive to aggressively communicate with internal and external stakeholders, provide information.

January 12, 2018
HOTTA Optical Co., Ltd.
Yukinobu Hotta, President

Environmental consciousness

Drainage water to be given in lens production in Tochigi branch factory is accumulated in drainage treatment facility in the factory and is percolated and is emitted as a safe water.